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Best work from home affiliate marketing strategy

Want to learn a simple tactic to earn $100 – $200 daily by follow a legit, effortless and time-tested technique. Ok, this page will help to get started fast after read and follow from below.

It will need to do some work using computer and internet which as well need to be well dedicated and disciplined to work properly before earn that type of money online and more.

This page included the list of approaches that necessary to build this full-time income using Clickbank affiliate product marketing which need to stick with the effort regularly without paying any advertisement costs. Read entire page to before get started with this very effective and time-tested affiliate marketing strategy with social media including pinterest.

Find out the step by step formula of this Clickbank affiliate marketing strategy to earn some good money as commission. Good this is, by following this strategy newbie marketers also can earn lots of money.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a big and high commission affiliate marketplace that contains a huge catalog of products of different niches to promote by marketers. Clickbank actually pays incredibly high commissions to marketers, regularly up to 75%, and provides digital marketing materials thus it is simple to promote and make money with ClickBank.

Clickbank allows anyone to be its affiliate and promote any listed products to sell and earn commission up to 70% which in fact enough money. Many people are involved in clickbank product marketing from years and receiving money in a legit way.

This page will show an effective and result-oriented method of start work from home to earn money using online with Clickbank that is suitable to start by any beginner, also it’s not expensive to run the process.

Keep reading to find out how to get started simply and continue with the process

Create a Clickbank account

The initial thing that need is register with Clickbank to have an affiliate account, it’s very easy to complete from Clickbank website and it’s totally free. Just complete the sign up process with valid particulars to submit required information and processes

Clickbank Signup

After submit & Join it may need to go through several steps to add some additional information, follow the screenshot from below

Clickbank will tell to complete profile to get started after joining successfully, click on the button to enter profile and other information

Once profile updated successfully, its time to explore more as a clickbank affiliate on dashboard to choose products and start promoting.

How to choose a Clickbank product before start promoting

As Clickbank marketplace contains a huge catalog of products, a marketer should be careful while choosing a product. Brows its marketplace page to know about available products

Now discover and sort products based on gravity, it recommended to choose products with higher gravity. But what is gravity? Gravity is the metric that provided by Clickbank to show the success of other affiliate marketers with that particular product recently on the marketplace of Clickbank.

Higher gravity means many people have the success on sale and get commission with that product, which as well means that there are more chances of achieving sale with that product. Consider to select a product which is offering minimum $20 per sale.

Besides with so many listed products of different niches, it can be quite irresistible while trying to understand which niche to choose. Thus it’s necessary to know about most popular niche to get good result within a short time.

Most popular clickbank niche

Most popular niche on clickbank is “Diets & Weight Loss” and it’s obvious and not to be mentioned. Weight loss is certainly one of the major industries around, also at online world. It’s a wider niche of health and fitness market with a huge annual sales number.

As the obesity is a big problem in the modern world. Many people are interested to buy weight loss and fitness related products including supplements and diet programs. Thus it will be wise decision to choose products of this particular niche. Once a few products chosen then move on to the next step which will show how to promote products to sale and get commissions.

Ways to promote clickbank products

There may several methods to promote, but this page only contains some free social media traffic strategies to promote products as nowadays social media sites are very strong platform to promote affiliate products to a wide range of customers without paying any advertising fees.

But before start any promotion, a niche based landing page or blog is required where visitors from social media sites will land and know about the benefits of the clickbank product that chosen to promote. A blog is possibly best option to bring visitors and inform the benefits of the products and encourage visitors to buy. So it’s necessary to know how to start a blog by spending a least costs.

How to start a blog?

To start a blog, it’s necessary to buy a hosting service with a niche based domain name to install WordPress. WordPress in fact is the Blogging platform that allows a blogger to write and submit blog contents to show the world. Bluehost is the widely popular hosting service which is applying by many beginner bloggers, thus it recommends purchase a hosting service with domain name from Bluehost.

Move to Bluehost

Move on to the official Bluehost website and choose the “WordPress made easy – start building” option to get a wordpress site.

Now it is necessary to pick the hosting – Bluehost offers 3 kinds of hosting plans. But it is suggested to choose the basic plan of 2.95 dollars per month as its perfect to start a new blog.

Once basic plan selected, a domain page will open to type a name of domain to check if available or not, choose a weight loss niche-based domain name which available to purchase.

As soon as the domain selection completed, next steps is to enter all the necessary details including personal, business and payment details to make a secured hosting account on bluehost.

Also read and agree to the terms of services policy by checking the terms of service box and then submit it.

It will be completed the purchase of hosting with the domain name registration, a dashboard page will open after login with the newly registered account and password.

Click on “my sites” option on the left to build a  blog site, click on add site – > create new site to get started

Put a name and a tagline of blog, click on next then select the newly registered domain name from the available options, click on next to advance.

Now bluehost will begin WordPress installation process automatically, once it completed, just use “login to wordpress” to log into wordpress dashboard.

Click on “coming soon active” from top which will describe the necessary pages to complete before “launch with confidence”

After complete, launch the blog successfully to live it to visitors.

Write niche-based blog contents

Now gain some knowledge about some products that selected to promote from clickbank, write some related contents as wordpress posts with Clickbank “hop link” of particular product as promotional affiliate links on posts. As the blog is about weight loss, content could be some tips of weight loss, lose weight fast, tips to lose weight devoid of going to a gym.

It also possible to write contents about Clickbank product reviews. As many people will search about different Clickbank product reviews on Search engines which will very possible to finish up purchasing. This type of visitors is previously known about the product and seeking additional information before buying. Write several product reviews which will be better to reach more potential purchaser.

Its recommend to write 20+ posts of different products or topics of minimum 600 words to sell different weight loss clickbank products.

Get visitors from Pinterest as potential purchaser

Now it needs to sign up with different social media services especially pinterest, to get visitors. Pinterest is one of the most excellent social media sites to drive traffic to blog. But, how to drive traffic from Pinterest, just find the following rules to get traffic from pinterest.

Sign up with a Pinterest business account to have more features, rich pins and others which unavailable on a regular account.

Set up a niche focused profile with weight loss related profile picture, cover photo and description.

While attempting to drive traffic from Pinterest, its important to get some right keywords of pinterest which usually people are searching, use the Pinterest search bar to get keyword ideas.

Design some pptimize pins with the right image size like width 1000 X height 1500 and heading.

Match pin titles with blog post titles to show visitors some related contents. it can help to rank better as visitors will find a related content.

Keep pining with consistency to get success on Pinterest, try to add at least 5-15 pins daily.

Affiliate marketing with ClickBank and pinterest is one of the simplest methods to begin earning by any beginner. The procedure of adding contents and adding pins on Pinterest can be take time to get sales, but it can carry a remarkable result within some days if work with regularity.

Hope this Best work from home affiliate marketing strategy article will be helpful enough to earn some real money.

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